Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wuxi modders....

Here, 'pimp'-ing your car means two things:

1 - Bodykits
2 - Stickers/Emblems .... LOTS OF THEM.

Mods like exhaust systems, engines, brakes, and most 'expensive' mods are not 'popular' here.

Actually, the bodykits are not bad, but the stickers.... hmm... not to my taste.

P/S: Notice the stock wheels on the Hyundai... what's up with that?

Hopping Kiwi.....

My sister, who returned from New Zealand, gave me this furry little creature.... it hops around after you wind it up :)

My girlfriend would love it....

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hyundai Coupe 2007 *New*....

Spotted this outside the apartment a few days ago. Very cool.

If only I had the extra money (lots of it).... :(


Notice the loudspeaker installed on the right of the public toilet in the picture below? Wonder what izzit for?

Hehehee... only if they had a microphone and loudspeaker in every toilet cubicle :p

Starbucks..... nope, its USABUCKS !!

Wonder what Starbucks has to say about this.... even the 'USABUCKS' logo is bearing an uncomfortable resemblance to the Starbucks' logo.


I'm speechless.... come to think of it, it's not technically wrong :)

Ha'erbin.... so white, so cold.

Just returned from a 4-day tour to the north, to the state of Ha'erbin (very close to the Russian border).

All I can say is :

I don't like temperatures below zero degrees Centigrade. Now I really appreciate the hot and humid weather of Malaysia.

Well, still had fun because it was the first time I touched (and fell into) snow.

Notty Boyz

Guess what these kids are doing?

They are lighting and throwing 'match-stick' firecrackers down to the bus stand below. I can hear the fireworks going off from my 19th floor apartment (it's still loud even at this level).

That should be scary for some people, right?

Nooooo... not the Chinese here.
Nobody even looked up or bothered.
Amazing, these people just define the word 'ignorance'.

Being Chinese in China

I'm now here in Wuxi, China now with my family for the Lunar New Year and will be going back on the 4th of March. Can't wait. Why?

It's because I can only speak very limited Mandarin and my dad is asking me to guide his office worker on how to set up an enterprise network control system! After trying twice, we finally got the system up and running, .... *phew*.... I'm glad I learned how to draw proper flowcharts.

Another thing is everyone will come up to you and start blabbing in Mandarin or Wuxi dialect.... and I would be standing there staring blankly at them. Then when I tell them I don't understand them, they will look at me like I was retarded or something... *sigh*....

Anyway, I also miss my darling alot, who isn't here with me in Wuxi because of her job commitments back in Penang.

Temperatures for the past few days have been chilly (at least for me), at 3 to 10 degrees Centigrade.

First posting...

Well, welcome to my blog.

Hope to start posting soon, need to get some sleep first, its late now.

btw, this is the first time i'm doing this, so feel free to advice me on ways to improve my blog.