Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Drifting Song in Hokkien....

Please wait for video to stream:

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chinese Car Crash Test....

Well, the car in the picture above is the Brilliance BS6 mid-sized sedan, aimed at the Nissan Sentra, Proton Waja, Honda Civic, and Toyota Altis.

Note that the A-pillar, together with the floorboard has folded and allowed the door to pop out and shoved the dashboard inwards. Also note the dummy's face is in contact with the dashboard even with the airbags deployed. The dummy has suffered severe damage and is pinned in the car, which in human terms means 'fatal crash'.
Chinese car manufacturers still have a long way to go. Even the much criticised Proton Waja fares better than this car.
Here is the crash test done by ADAC using NCAP-like tests: (German language)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Love my engine now.....

Just sent my car for its scheduled service recently, and decided to ignore Proton Service centers altogether as my car's warranty has expired, and they charge cut-throat prices.

First, bought Shell Engine Oil Flush at a Shell gas station for RM25 /4liters. Then drained the old oil and poured the flush in. After 5 minutes, drained the flushing oil and voila!.. look at the photo below:

After replacing the oil filter and pouring in the Motul 6100 Synergie+ Semi-synthetic 10W 40, the engine runs really quiet and revs really smoothly !!! Its so different from my previous experience with the Petronas Syntium 800 Semi-synthetics....

With the Syntium, the engine sounds course after revving past 4500 rpms, but now with Motul, its sounding really great all the way till 6500 rpms!!!

I love revving the engine now.... sounds great ! There goes my fuel economy :)

More pics from Singapore....

Bagel in McD's (not available in Malaysia):

Singapore's Chili Crab-shaped bread:
Mock-up of Fantastic Four's Dodge flying-thingy:
Sunset in Sentosa Island... lovely:

Grandma & Grandpa's Birthday....

On the 26th of May, we celebrated grandma and grandpa's b'days in SP, Kedah. Most of the family came back and it was a happy occasion :)
The three sons:

Been Missing....

Since my last post, i've been to KL once, goofed around doing nonsense and went to Singapore for a shopping trip with my darling. Guess what? At Changi, we missed the flight back to Penang, and had to re-schedule to the next day. Got an extra day of shopping !!! :)

Well, here's a photo of us at the Merlion's mouth: