Thursday, March 22, 2007

Interesting Day....

I'm now blogging from CoffeeBean, Sunway Piramid. What an eventful day!!

Well, the day started with the usual breakfast at my uncle's place, then I tried to do my college project work, but could not get anything done. Well, since I was getting bored and it was time for lunch, I decided to go out for lunch, at the mall nearby.

On the way out, I got a call from my friend (an owner of a car performance/tuning garage); he told me that the suspension system that I was waiting for has arrived, and the good chap selling it to me was there too (his name is Mark). So, after lunch, I went down to his garage at the Subang industrial area to have a look at the stuff. It was a set of Eibach Federn Pro-Kit coil springs and a full set of OEM-spec shock absorbers (both are relatively new; albeit being used for only a week). The price he gave me was really good, too good to resist :)

So, we drove to his(Mark) buddy's shop around the corner and got them installed. They even replaced two wheel hub studs that were broken for only RM10.... cheap lor... Anyway, got the suspension system installed and the alignment checked and tuned for a very good price, way below what I expected to pay.... this 'Mark' guy knows where to find good deals....

As we were talking about our cars, we drifted into the ICE subject. ICE stands for In-Car Entertainment. He said he was interested to begin improving his car's ICE. So I offered him my used CD/MP3/WMA player for a good price, and he was happy to take it. I was ecstatic!!

I was initially worried that the CD player could not be sold, so that worry is over :)

Then he took me to another one of his 'buddy's' shop that does installation for ICE, and they took out my old CD player and installed the new one for me in less than 15 minutes.... wow... and he only charged me RM20.

After that, Mark also told me about a few more of his 'affiliated' shops; places that I can get a very good deal:)

Well, after all that, I came to Sunway to have sushi and use the free Internet service here in CoffeeBean.

I did all the things that I needed to do for today, tomorrow and the weekend; so now I have more time to complete my college project:)

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