Thursday, March 29, 2007

Overheating Auto Transmission?...

Fitted in an ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) cooler about three weeks ago. Here's the pic:

It's being held up by the radiator using the included plastic mounts and spacers. Was doubtful about the installation method, but the mechanic said that it was alright. So I guess i'll just take his word for it....

After installing the ATF cooler, I found that the auto 'box's shifting has improved significantly. I tried downshifting at high speeds and the shift was very smooth, followed by smooth power delivery too.... i'm very impressed... normal upshifts were smoother too, if you were wondering :)

Got it for RM480, including the installation and additional hoses because the provided hoses were insufficient. This is a must-have for those with auto transmissions :)

More info:

Brand = Hayden.

Installer = Bosch Service Centre (Relau, opposite the PISA stadium. You won't miss it, it's a large corner shoplot).

Installation time = between 1 hour to 2 hours.


ex-cch said...

What hoses do they use? Is it normal hose?

where did u get it installed? How long did it take...?

J@y J@y said...

not too sure of what hoses were used, but the hoses were very difficult to crimp or bend. Got it installed in Penang at the Bosch Service Centre at Relau (opposite of the PISA stadium. It's a corner shoplot and in the same row as the 'Anakku' shop (big blue signboard).

Installation was done in 2 hours... I told him not to rush.