Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chelsea vs Man Utd....

Man Utd won 3-2 against AC Milan at Home. (Man Utd 1-up)

Chelsea won 1-0 against Liverpool at Home. (Chelsea 1-up)

Even though the results are in favour of Man Utd and Chelsea progressing to the Final in Athens, both teams' confidence levels and progression outlooks are totally different.

For Man Utd, everyone (team, manager, fans, media, etc) is fully confident that they will topple AC Milan at the San Siro next week and progress to the Final. However,on the Chelsea side, most people don't have the confidence that the Blues will win or draw at Anfield even though they are currently one up against the Kop. Pundits have favoured Liverpool to progress.....

Why is this happening? Is it due to the dominance of MU players in the PFA Team selection? Is it due to Cristiano Ronaldo sweeping 3 awards recently? Is it due to the lack of attacking power from the Blues?

Pundits and football analyst have highlighted that Jose Mourinho is feeling the heat, no longer from the boardroom, but from Man Utd and Liverpool. They said he is feeling nervous, which is very rare for a man who can 'smell' what will happen in the future. With only so few games remaining in the Premiership, the title race is nearing its climax and only the 'smartest' team will win it.

So, who will we see in the Finals in May? Lets find out next week.

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