Saturday, April 14, 2007

PC Fair 2007....

Haih... went to the PC Fair 2007 in KLCC today, was expecting to see something good..... but there wasn't anything good. (actually couldn't see a thing, was too crowded... promoter girls weren't attractive either....)

Anyway, I have made up my own stats about why people go to PC Fair:

10% Go there to purchase IT-related stuff.

10% Go there to check out new stuff.

5% Go there for the female promoters.

15% Go there for the sake of keeping up with whatever other people are doing.

30% Go there to 'walk-walk'.

And the rest (remaining 30%) are there just to accompany whoever that makes up the stats for any of the above.

This is just so irritating. There was a couple with a very young baby (maybe around 3 months old), and the baby was screaming his/her head off because the baby made a doo-doo (anybody within a 300 meter radius could smell). This is just plain stupid. Why can't the husband just leave the wife and baby at home when he knows they will be coming to a very crowded and noisy place? Farking idiot. Want a family outing? Go to a fun-fair or go to the beach. Anyway, malays can picnic anywhere, even beside a public toilet.

Anyway, bought a few ink cartridges for my printer and subscribed to TIME magazine, with a free 1-year subscription to FORTUNE mag as well.

Well, PC Fair really sucks.

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