Thursday, April 19, 2007

So tired... but HAPPY !! .....

Spent 2 days detailing my car. I performed 7 steps to achieve this result. Quite happy with it... feel free to click on the pictures to have a better view.


1. Wash car
2. Claybar (G1016 Smooth Surface Clay Kit)
3. Wash car again
4. Paint cleaner (A3016 Deep Crystal System Paint Cleaner)
5. Polish (A2116 Deep Crystal System Polish)
6. Wax with Meguiars #21 (Mirror Glaze M2116)
7. Wax with Meguiars (G12718 NXT Generation Tech Wax)

Other stuff used:

1. Hot Rims Multi-Piece Wheel Wash (G14124)
2. NXT Generation All Metal Polysh
3. Gold Class High Tech Applicator Pads

Well, here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure: (Click to view the 800x600 version)
All steps done by hand by yours truly. Might get a polishing machine soon.

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